Isolation Portraits Project – Part 8

Isolation Portraits Project – Part 8 Last Thursday 14th of May I had the last two sessions of my Isolation Portraits Project. The total lockdown in Ireland is over since Monday 18th, so it made sense to finish my project just before it.I feel a bit melancholic because the project…

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Isolation Portraits Project – Part 7

Isolation Portraits Project – Part 7 The lockdown in Ireland is coming close to an end, so this is the penultimate blog post with my beloved Isolation Portraits. It’s been quite a trip down to memory lane, meeting all these friends during the last two months. I’ve been sharing with…

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Isolation Portraits Project – Part 6

Isolation Portraits Project – Part 6 During these weeks of calls to friends for this project, I realised that I hadn’t spoken with any of them over the phone… like never. Even the ones I’ve known for years before the digital revolution, it’s been ages. People just don’t call each…

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Isolation Portraits Project – Part 5

Isolation Portraits Project – Part 5 The more I go on with this project, the more I enjoy it. Every time I speak with someone, I learn something about them or their current life and I feel really privileged to share these little pinches of personal space with those people.…

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Isolation Portraits Project – Part 4

This blog post goes to three countries, two continents and speaks only two languages, the ones closest to my heart: Italian and Spanish. maria Maria is a strong Spanish woman who I met the first week I moved to Dublin. She attended the same English school as me, but she…

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Isolation Portraits Project – Part 3

Each one of the friends I’m introducing to you, reminds me of  how many different people I have been. How many personas I wore. But I can also see my own pattern. Rossella The first time I saw Rossella, we were in class, at the university, waiting to give an exam…

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Isolation Portraits Project – Part 2

The Isolation Portraits Project – Part II If you don’t know what this project is about, read my previous blog post, before going on!I’m enjoying writing about this as much as I did photographing and video calling everyone. Writing about the first meeting with every person sends me directly to…

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A little photo reportage from Dublin

      Last December a movement called “6000 sardine” (6000 sardines) started in Bologna, Italy.It was a spontaneous movement of citizens tired of politicians who spend more time on social media and tv than doing their actual job, tired of a very aggressive language, tired of seeing them bullying…

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2019: women’s year

After the #metoo campaign from last year, it looks like women are getting more and more power and visibility in all areas, from politics to arts (and can we say, it was about time?). There’s still a long way to go, but these are seeds to plant and grow, that…

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