For a professional full-time photographer, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with editing, session after session. Editing can be the bulk of the job.
By outsourcing your editing, you can find that peace of mind that allows you to be more focused on the actual photoshoots.

Unlike many companies which use standard approaches to treat any photo, I follow style and guidelines of each and every client, so the editing is customized and personal: you won’t lose your style. I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to reach the result wanted. Small amounts of files can be simply shared by Wetransfer, Dropbox, SendGB or other websites of this sort.

If you are a busy photographer, you may want to consider the benefits of outsourcing at least part of your editing.

  • You will speed up your workflow and Impress your clients with faster turnaround time.
  • You will spend less time in front of the computer and photograph more (not to mention the more and better time you could dedicate to your hobbies, family and friends!)

Photo editing

Brand Identity
As a graphic designer my focus is to develop comprehensive solutions for professionals in need of brand identity and  brand development.
I absolutely enjoy create companies identity from the logo to the stationery details to flyers, posters and any other kind of item that could be used to launch and grow your business.

Album Design
I also specialise in wedding albums design. using dedicated softwares as Fundy Designer, Loxley and Photovalue or creating an absolutely personal design for each different album with Adobe softwares.

Graphic design

I design websites from templates, so that the client will be able to manage them without coding.
All websites are mobile-friendly; have Google Analytics installed and come with a content management system (CMS) so that clients can update their content if they wish.
The website design includes design from templates, programming, testing, SEO-readiness and client training, if required.
Other features that can be included: Social Media links and feeds; Blog; Email newsletter signup; Calendar, Gallery, Slideshow, etc.

Website Content Update
A weekly or monthly update of content can be arranged on request. Client must provide text content.

Web design

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