Sicilian sunset

Who wouldn’t want to be in Sicily, right now, enjoying a granita under the sun? Breathing the smell of the deep blue sea? Waiting for a warm, red sunset to fall upon them? Wearing a light dress, with the wind caressing their hair?
I definitely would LOVE it! But at least I have the chance to virtually fly there working on the beautiful photographs of GAP, aka Antonino Gitto, a very talented photographer based in Messina, Sicily.

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Mastin Labs Presets

A few months ago I’ve started working with two Mastin presets in my editing: Fuji Original and Portra Pushed. Mastin Labs is an organisation that inspire people to shoot film but also help photographers preserving the look of beloved films before they’re extinct, with their amazing presets. Courtesy of Brigitta Baski I love their looks, …

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