Isolation Portraits Project – Part 3

Each one of the friends I’m introducing to you, reminds me of  how many different people I have been. How many personas I wore. But I can also see my own pattern. Rossella The first time I saw Rossella, we were in class, at the university, waiting to give an exam…

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Isolation Portraits Project

The Isolation Portraits Project – Part I When all this Covid-19 nightmare started in the North of Europe, one day I read an Instagram story of a very talented photographer that I follow, Nadia Meli. She is great and has Italian roots, despite being raised in Germany (if I remember…

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The Language Explorers website is now live!

Language Explorers is Mother Tongues’ award-winning language awareness initiative for primary and secondary schools. Language Explorers activities are designed to raise awareness of linguistic diversity in the classroom and in the community and to promote an interest in language learning.

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