You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a professional photo editor, somebody who comes up with creative ideas for your company’s graphic design or if you’re thinking of publishing your own website.

elena_cristofanonI’m Elena, Italian born (not too many years ago), Dublin based since June 2014.
I’m living in Ireland but available to work with you wherever you are, you just need a good internet connection! I’m currently working with some clients in my homeland and all over Ireland.
I’m available to develop a constant working relationship or to help you job by job, whichever you require.

Why should you trust my work

I lived in Rome for ten years where I graduated in Art History, studied in a Photography school and as a Graphic Designer.
Since I moved to Dublin, I studied Digital Marketing, Web Design and Personal Branding.
I have also worked at the Origin Gallery as an Art Admin Assistant and been the manager of the Mother Tongues Festival.
My main passions are photography, art, cinema, travelling and cooking (don’t forget I’m Italian!)
As you can see, I live my life through images and my curiosity. That never stops striving to improve constantly in life and work.

Why this logo and claim?

I like thinking that when your business is thriving and you realise you need help to keep your work flowing, I can be your parachute, working in the background to give you the opportunity to enjoy the results of your hard work. But also, if your company is facing a tough time and you need a fresh eye & perspective to help revive the company, I can give you a hand.

Pop over to my blog to see what’s new, check out the services I offer and my portfolio, to have an idea of my work. Feel free to contact me for more information.

P.S.: I guess my English is still far from being perfect and I apologise. But, as a philosopher said, To accomplish the perfect perfection, a little imperfection helps.