Why outsourcing your photo editing?

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Courtesy of Carlo Bon.

If you are reading this, you have probably already passed the phase “why editing photos is important”. You know that very well already.
Above all, photo editing is that magic touch that gives your brand its uniqueness, that makes you recognisable among the others.
Now, let’s dive into what you should outsource your photo editing.

Say goodbye to boredom

You have heard that some of your collogues outsource this task.
Someone does it just because that hate it. Fair enough! You shouldn’t put even 1 gram of hatred in your work!
Long hours, very often nights or weekends, spent in front of your laptop are not a very exciting way to spend your time, if the main core of your business is actually going out there and capture the special moments of your clients.
And this is precisely the most important reason why you should consider to outsource to a professional photo editor.

In fact, to run a photography business requires a lot of work. Your time is precious and you should spend it not only photographing, but also thinking ways of growing better and better, especially after months like the past ones, where the majority of events were suspended or postponed and the photography industry has suffered massively.

Now that the market is starting to look more similar to the pre-covid era, it’s time for you to play smart: outsource your editing!

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Boutique photo editor

An argument I hear a lot is “Why should I waste my money to outsource something I am perfectly capable of doing myself?” or “I don’t really trust anybody to do it form me”
I’d say: give it a go. 
I always highlight the fact that most of the photographers who had negative experiences with outsourcing their photo editing were actually dealing with big companies that often underpay their employees to apply a good-for-all filter on all the images.

However, a boutique photo editor, like myself, it’s a different story.
For instance, I take on a limited number of clients per year and I carefully work on each image to reach the perfect result and, above all, to create a personal relationship with the photographers, so they know there’s a human being on the other side. In my opinion, the “human approach” guarantees a much more personal result. For example, I usually do a first test for my clients. And I try to tune in my work with their style, not only listening to their recommendations, but also studying their portfolio online. In other words, I try to se the world with their eyes.

Recently, I’ve read a definition of what a photo editor is and I really liked it:

A photo editor’s real job is to create a full, rich experience for the reader or customer—to enhance the customer experience visually. It’s no different than the world of the culinary arts: the best chefs will tell you that “you eat with your eyes first.”

Rachel Deahl

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Courtesy of Castadiva Wedding.