Seventy Women who've shaped Irish Culture

Being listed in the Irish Times, together with my colleagues Francesca La Morgia and Aoife Concannon, among the 70 Women who’ve shaped Irish Culture, was something extremely unexpected.

Seventy Women who've shaped Irish Culture. The Irish Times, 4th f March 2023

Mother Tongues Festival

The reason why we are on this list of fantastic women is our work in Mother Tongues. Specifically in the Mother Tongues Festival, which has happened every year since 2018. This is the largest festival celebrating linguistic diversity through the arts in Ireland. Its mission is to showcase the country’s rich artistic and cultural tapestry and connect people through the power of language. The Festival encourages everyone to colour outside the lines, learn something new and have fun while celebrating their mother tongue and the rich kaleidoscope of languages spoken in Ireland. 

Mother Tongues team, 18th February 2023

Receiving this marvelous recognition only a couple of weeks after the end of the 6th edition of the Festival is the best way we could have dreamed to celebrate it. Moreover, in a moment of changes and reshaping of the organisation, this is of great help for us to stay strong.

If you are wondering what I do within Mother Tongues, my title is Operations Manager. So yes, besides my activity as Photo Editor and Web Design, I have also been working part-time in this fabulous not-for-profit since its inception in 2017. My role has evolved with the organisation.
I started as a graphic & web designer and I kept these functions throughout the years. However, I also become Project Manager until changed to my current title in 2022. At the moment, I oversee all the projects we work on.

I am extremely proud of the work we do. I truly believe that project after project, workshop after workshop, Mother Tongues is helping Irish society to embrace a much-needed intercultural dialogue, open the minds of future generations of citizens and facilitate the accessibility of cultural work to migrant artists.

Isn’t this the best job in the world?

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