A lifestyle photo session in Dublin

Laura Tato. Picture Elena Cristofanon

When you are a freelancer, you are the face of your company and your portraits and headshots should show that. That’s why a lifestyle photo session could be exactly the thing you are looking for!

Freelancer's life

Freelancers who run their own business have a massive list of things to look after. Not only you need to be excellent at your job, but you have to be your own marketer, communication officer, social media manager, sometimes an accountant too!
In other words, you have to have many skills and plenty of time to dedicate to your business.
When it’s time to post on social media, a lot of freelancers struggle with the content. What should I write? Which images should I post? 
I can’t help you with your words (but the magic Kate Higham can!); however, we can talk about your photographs!

Posting on social media

Businesses that sell products have it easy: a lot of their social media content could just be sleek photographs of their items. When Instagram account I really love, for example, is the Hopeless Botanic, a plant shop in Dublin. They post gorgeous shots of their beautiful plants and it’s just so satisfactory when I scroll my feed and see one of those images. 
However, for people who sell digital services, it’s far more complex to constantly find images to post, when we want to talk about our work. Let’s say you are a copywriter or a digital marketer. In between the very useful content you publish constantly, you sure need to put your face out there and reveal who is running the show. Selfies and snapshots are very nice stuff, if posted from time to time, to show a day-in-the-life type of thing. However, as Instagram is based on visual content, I’d really recommend you also post some more professional-looking portraits.

Laura Tato. Picture Elena Cristofanon

Lifestyle photographs vs headshots

Don’t get me wrong. Here, we are not talking about the classical (and a bit boring) headshot that people normally have on LinkedIn (or at least they should have! Please stop posting dark photos cutting out the friend who was hugging you during that party 5 years ago! This is not how you want to present yourself to your future employer).
What we are looking at here is a photo session of yourself in your environment, looking good.
If you hire a photographer for a few hours and get ready to change your outfit a few times during the session, you can collect enough photographs to cover your content for some months, just intertwining it with other types of content.
Let me show you an example.

My first lifestyle session

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to have a lifestyle photo session with Laura Tato, a Spanish Digital Project Manager based in Dublin at the time. She is a friend of mine and contacted me after months of looking online for a professional photographer who would have been able to deliver the kind of images she was aiming for.
I told her I had never done anything like that, but I was more than happy to take on the challenge. Therefore, she shared a mood board with some examples of what she was looking for and I too shared some ideas we could have taken inspiration from. We used an office and also some of the buildings around it to have some shots outside too.

I am delighted with the result and she seems happy too!

I couldn’t recommend Elena highly enough as a photographer. Elena is extremely professional, she understood perfectly what I was looking for and went above and beyond to meet my requirements. She created a very relaxed and fun atmosphere and she was extremely easy to work with. The end result was absolutely beautiful photos for my personal brand which I love! Thank you so much! 

Laura Tato

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