What to do on a rainy day


No, this is not a post with tips on what to do in Ireland when it rains (even though it could be the most popular article in my blog!). “What to do on a rainy day” is the title of a show for families created by artist Fernanda Ferrari. She asked me to document with my camera the scratch show, basically a preview of her performance before going live for the general public. And I very gladly accepted the offer!

The show

This performance was an invitation for multicultural families to immerse themselves in a playful and magical world. Grace, the main character, is a Brazilian little girl/puppet who moved with her family to Ireland. Since then, she is learning how to adapt to a new life in the grey Irish weather. With the help of her new friends (the little people attending the show), she will discover many colourful ways to find joy on a rainy day.
Children and their adults did not just listen to the story, but they also interact and were part of it as this performance was a mix of storytelling, puppets and playtime.

The research and development of the original idea for Fernanda’s project were supported by the South Dublin County Council Arts Office through the Individual Artist Bursary Awards 2022, with mentoring from the not-for-profit organisation Mother Tongues.

Fernanda Ferrari

I met Fernanda while working on the planning of the Mother Tongues Festival in 2021. When I read her proposal for the Festival, it struck me the beauty of her presentation and from the first moment, I knew we could get along well! Since then, we have worked together on different projects, including her interview for Contatto.
Every time I assist at her shows and workshops, it’s like travelling to a different galaxy, where nothing bad can happen and only magic is allowed. To see the faces of the children participating in those events is heartwarming and photographing them is such a fun task! I could do that forever.

Fernanda Ferrari. Contatto. Photographed by Elena Cristofanon. Funded by the Arts Council Agility Award, 2021

If you would like to find out more about the fantastic work of Fernanda Ferrari, go to her website: bubbleoflightstudio.com

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