Why a website is important for a business

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We all know that positive word-of-mouth can help a business grow, there’s no doubt about it. 
However, for a small business or a start-up, relying only on it can make their way to success very long and slow.

But why is a website so important?

In 2020 the whole world has moved online. We have for sure spent on the internet most of our lives for the past year and a half. Therefore, having a functional and catchy website is exactly like having a beautiful window in the most crowded shopping street in town.

New and small businesses can also establish their credibility if they have a good online presence. And while social media help to achieve this goal, a website is a step further. It shows the world that you are a professional and take things seriously. This is especially true if you don’t sell physical products, but services. Those are less straightforward to market on social media, particularly if your target audience is 50+.

This is why Beatrice Luzi, an Art Expert and Critic based in Rome, Italy, decided to hire me to design her website. 
She provides numerous services in the art field, such as writing catalogues for art exhibitions, estimating the values of art pieces, curating exhibitions and training for companies. Beatrice wanted to use her website to build her presence, create a portfolio showing her articles and published work and communicate her knowledge and expertise in the field.

My work

After helping the client to find a nice colour palette, based on her logo, I started with the web design in WordPress.
Due to the nature of her business, we went for a classic, clean and user-friendly look, easy on the eyes and to navigate.

Other than showcasing Luzi’s articles, the website www.luziperitodarte.com displays many videos where she talks about all things art.
I delivered the website SEO ready, completely responsive and mobile-friendly. I have also recorded some video tutorials with training to manage the CMS, as required by the client.

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About Beatrice Luzi

Beatrice was born and raised in Rome, attended classical studies and graduated in art history at the “Sapienza” University of Rome. There, she specialised after her experiences at the Capitoline Archives and the Gallery of Modern Art, Rome. At the same time, she studied Photography and deepened the theory and practice of Artistic Diagnostics.
She attended several advanced training Masters in the field of Museum Mediation and in the field of Law and the Art Market.
She lives in Rome where she collaborates with artists, galleries and antique dealers.

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