WordPress is a powerful tool

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My love story with WordPress started in 2014, when I created my first blog. However, I didn’t know how powerful WordPress was, until I actually studied as a web designer here in Dublin. Since then, I’ve created many website, from very simple informative websites to more complex online shop and membership websites.

Today I want you to meet the first one I created, which is indeed a membership and online shop for Mother Tongues.

website design

Membership website

As you may already know if this is not the first time you read my blog, I’ve been working for Mother Tongues since 2017. At the end of 2020, due to the covid crisis, the Irish government allocated various kind of funds to support businesses and freelancers. Mother Tongues won one of those, to implement online sales. So we finally built an online shop, where at the moment customers can buy heritage language classes for children and our beloved Language Explorers activity book. But the most important item on sale at the moment are the membership.
To create a membership website it took me quite a lot of time and energy, but it looks like it was worth it! Thanks to a membership software and the powerful tools of Elementor I created content available only to registered members.
It was quite complex, but once I got the grasp on it I actually enjoyed it very much!

website design

Who's Afraid of WordPress?

A huge amount of people are actually scared of using WordPress and then end up using “easier” software that they think they can manage better.
The truth is that whatever software you use, a website is a delicate creature that you cannot just forget once is completed. It needs your constant love. If the client wishes, I offer mini-training on how to manage the basics of the website I deliver. However, if you are not very techy and not really intentioned to improve, it’s always advisable to leave your website in the good hands of someone who knows what to do!