So long, 2020

so long 2020

So, this should be a post with my 2020 highlights, but I thought to start with a laugh, by reading what I wrote at the end of 2019:

Happy 2020! I don’t know if it’s the funny number or if it’s just the excitement for the new projects ahead, but I have to say I feel particularly excited and optimistic for this new year!

Long story short: never ask me for predictions. 

Also, in that post, I declared that I wanted to read much more in my free time. 2020 was probably the year in history with the lowest number of books I read. Of course I had the time, but the lockdown affected me in a strange way. A kind of horror vacui was following me, so I had to do things, I couldn’t actually pose for more than 2 days, because I felt I would have crumbled if I did.
The result was a couple of photographic series, one in collaboration with my partner in life, portraiting the two of us in our lockdown life, and the second the Isolation Portraits.

Lockdown life series

Thankfully, before work picked up again, with my partner in crime Francesca La Morgia, we started thinking on a new project, a series of video interviews to show some sides of the artistic scene in Ireland, which are not mainstream just yet. So, CONTATTO was born.
This was just one of my dreams coming true, to have the opportunity to approach a considerable number of artists and portrait them… so I added the photography bit to the project, which wasn’t originally in Francesca’s mind. 
I really suggest you go and visit the website I created for this project… the stories we showcased will give you food for thoughts and inspire you!

A few other exciting projects happened in the second half of 2020 and you can read all about them in my previous posts.
However, I want to finish this article just saying how grateful I am to have been able to get away this summer, despite all the fear, stress and complication; to be able to visit my parents and two regions of Italy I’d never visited before: Sicily and the Dolomites. I’m not sure if without that trip I would have endured all this covid-autumn!

See you in 2021.