Web design... in French!


I won’t lie to you.
Creating websites is one of my favourite things to do in the world! It is so much fun to bring to life something that will give an online presence to a whole company, a sole trader, an artist… It is very much satisfying and you can go wild with plenty of functions, details and tricks that can help the business making an impression on their potential clients.

When I was asked to create a new website for FLAM Dublin in 2019, I was delighted. Not only I would have had the chance to do something I loved, but also… in French! I studied the language when I was in primary school and, even though I can’t speak it fluently anymore, I love the sound of it, the elegance of the words… During my studies, I’ve learned to appreciate the French culture: the literature, the visual art, the cinema… basically, I love all about France!

My work

I completed the general design of this informational website, after creating a moodboard, listing the colour palette, the fonts and the general feel I wanted to give to the website. As FLAM Dublin is a branche of  FLAM, the logo used was ready to use.

I populated the website with beautiful stock images that gave a light, peacful atmosphere to the whole .

However, FLAM Dublin had plenty of “real” images taken during their numerous activities, so, when the structure was ready, I swapped all the photographs with the real ones.
My favourite is definitely the one I used on the Home page, a big mural illustrated by a French artist and coloured by all the children at the Mother Tongues Festival.

flam pages mockup

I delivered the website SEO ready, complitely responsive and mobile friendly and I have recorded a video tutorial with a training to manage the CMS, as required by the clients.

About FLAM Dublin

FLAM Dublin is a non-profit association for teaching French to French-speaking children aged 0-16 years. The aim is to provide educational and fun activities for children who do not have the opportunity to study at the French School.
Initiated in 2001, FLAM has been entrusted since 2009 to the Agency for French Education Abroad (Aefe), following the recommendations of the General States for French Education abroad.

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