A freebie at the time of Covid-19


Did you know I graduated in Art History in Rome? Is there a better place in the world to study Art? I don’t think so!
That’s part of the reason why I moved to the Eternal City from Northern Italy to fulfil my dream of study the beauties created by humankind across the centuries.

As it happens to everybody, during the University years I became friend with some people with my same passions. One of them, whose story you may have read on this Isolation Portraits post, has been brave enough to decide to start his career as a tourist guide during the most challenging time for (almost) everybody on Earth, the Covid time.
Together with two colleagues of his, they started a cultural association to accompany tourists, travellers and amateurs alike around the most beautiful spots in Rome.
I was delighted to find out about his leap of faith, so I thought I could give him a hand, especially while I didn’t have work to do, due, as usual, to the lockdown. That’s why I offered them to build (free of charge) a WordPress website with a free account, so they didn’t have to spend a penny on it and could learn how to manage it quite easily.
I thought it was a good start for them to have an online presence without worrying about the cost.


The website is, at the moment, quite basic, because a free WordPress account allows you to do only that much in terms of design, plugins, functions etc. But it showcases everything they need at this stage: an About page, a list of all the available tours and a blog with all the articles they are writing about places, pieces of art and also curiosities.

Tours are available also in English, so if you ever travel to Rome, keep in mind you can arrange a visit with some of the best tourist guides out there!


About Olon Arte

Olon is a Greek term that means “whole”, “totality”, by extension the world and the universe and we believe it is perfect to express our philosophy.
In fact, in order to tell the universe, the universal language of the Arts is needed, the only one that can unite the most disparate disciplines. Olon is just that.

We would like to illustrate to you this Story starting from our splendid city, Rome, which more than any other is able to enclose this universality.


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