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castadiva website

I’ve been working as a photo editor for Castadiva Wedding since 2018, giving my magic touch to the images of this made-in-Italy studio based in Santry. I have to say, I really enjoy to team up with fellows Italians living here, in Ireland. It always creates a strong bond and to be able to communicate in my mother tongue is definitely more enjoyable for me!

In 2020, a revolutionary year under many aspects, Arturo Ballo, the studio owner, decided to finally give a new look to the website.

This job was particularly important to me, because basically all the photographs showcased had been previously edited by me! It’s always exciting to see my work populate a client’s website and help them to build their presence on the web.

castadiva website

Arturo wanted a layout that mirrored the style and elegance that go across all the Castadiva works, from the photographs to the videos.
It hasn’t been easy, but I am pretty satisfied with the final result!

I delivered the website SEO ready, mobile-friendly (which is a vital feature now more than ever), connected with Google Analytics and completed with the amazing work of my favourite copywriter, Kate Higham.
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About Castadiva Wedding Photography & Film

The Castadiva team is made up of a group of creative and passionate film-makers, photographers and believers in true love.
With years of experience in the photography and videography industry and a combined group of specialised skills, the team works seamlessly together enabling the best coverage of your special day.


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