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Who wouldn’t want to be in Sicily, right now, enjoying a granita under the sun? Breathing the smell of the deep blue sea? Waiting for a warm, red sunset to fall upon them? Wearing a light dress, with the wind caressing their hair?
I definitely would LOVE it! But at least I have the chance to virtually fly there working on the beautiful photographs of GAP, aka Antonino Gitto, a very talented photographer based in Messina, Sicily.
I’ve been working as a photo editor for GAP since 2018 and, I have to say, he is one of my favourites! His photographs are always original, candid, surprising. I love his style and, therefore, it’s a pleasure to work on his images.

The photographs collected on this page belong to a styled shooting GAP realized last summer with a group of very talented vendors on the Salina Island, off the coast of Messina. He edited the work himself but recently asked me to give it my personal view. 
What a feast! I had just bought a beautiful set of presets from Archipelago and I couldn’t wait to play with them.
So I picked the preset it suited them most, tweaked enough to match my idea for the images and… here we go!

Oh boy, did I love those colors!

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Before After gap photographygap photography
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Before After gap photographygap photography
Before After gap photographygap photography
Before After gap photographygap photography
Before After gapbefore-12_512x768gap photography

About GAP Wedding

Hi I’m GAP,
I love the idea of true love, the one that overwhelms body and soul and changes your skin… The kind of Love that inflames the blood and overwhelms the mind, that protects you and gives you butterflies. In my photographs I tend to tell this kind of stories.
I think that a wedding photographer must capture those unrepeatable emotions to cherish in the future.

My land, Sicily, has always been a source of inspiration to me. The landscapes and the faces that inhabit the island unleashe an incredible renewing force in me that pushes me to capture every fragment that reveals itself to my gaze.
After living in Milan and in London studying digital and analog photography, as a reporter and in studio, and having explored the world out there, I chose to go back to my roots, because they belong to me, and I belong to them.

gap photography

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