The power of Covid-19 on freelancers’ lives

Less than one month ago I was very excited because, as a photo editor, I had basically the full season booked, with all my photographers from last year plus a few new ones.
For the first year, I didn’t have to actively look for new clients, they were coming to me by word of mouth or through my website.
I was definitely happy and proud of the fact that all my hard work of the past 4 years was paying off. And I still am.

But then, Covid-19 happened and everything changed.
In one day I realised I wouldn’t have had any photography-related job for the foreseeable future. And this sucks.
It is very scary to realise how many kinds of business will be affected by this global situation, from big companies to small freelancers like me.
I’m very glad to have a bunch of friends that are, like me, young women who threw themselves in the adventure of being self-employed and that understand my situations and have given me their support. I hope they know that they can rely on me too.

Like thousands of people in the world, I will try to use this ton of not requested free time to read more books, develop new skills through online courses,  edit my personal photographs (which have been waiting in the hard drive for months now), watch new films and re-watch some of my favourites, etc. I will also push more my graphic and web design work, so get ready for more frequent updates from my side!

Please, if you have the opportunity, support small business around you!
Lots of makers, artists and small companies have closed their doors but still can deliver stuff and that helps them to survive during the lockdown.

Be kind and stay safe!