Happy 2020!

I don’t know if it’s the funny number or if it’s just the excitement for the new projects ahead, but I have to say I feel particularly excited and optimistic for this new year!

2019 is now gone and I will remember it as one of the busiest year…ever!
I’ve carried on lots (probably too many) projects, sacrificing a bit my free time in the day to day routine. This is, actually, my main new year’s resolution, trying to say enough when it’s enough and don’t overwork when it’s not strictly necessary. I guess this is one of the biggest challenges for all the freelancers out there, isn’t it? Always being afraid to disappoint your clients or that if you don’t work 5 hours more today, you will regret it next week.
But you know what? Unless from your work depends someone else’s deadline, there’s no point to go mad. The important thing is to be honest and realistic from the beginning, when setting deadlines. Everything else will depend on this wise first step.

My second and, at the moment, last resolution for 2020 is to read more books!
The photo on the top is myself in front of part of my books in Italy, currently hosted by my parents in the most beautiful room of their house 🙂
I used to read so much more than now when I was studying at the university, and this is something that I want to occupy my free time with in 2020.
(By the way, that’s a portrait that I wanted to take while I was reading, the night before flying back to Ireland, in my pyjamas, no makeup on, to finish the year with a very honest portrait of myself!)

What have I learned in 2019?
I’ve learned that I have even more patience than I thought (but still not enough in some circumstances), that leading a team it’s not an easy job and that the surprised smile of a mother is priceless.
I’ve learned that sometimes you must say “no”. One has to accept their limits; your peace of mind is more important than a new skill on your CV.

I’ve also learned that seeing poverty in front of your very eyes it’s quite different from reading about it. My trip to the Dominican Republic was quite shocking under this point of view. I may have been naive, but I had no idea that the gap between the social classes was so evident. And I’m talking about physical evidence, with a street of wealthy condos right beside areas of wretched sheet metal houses. Yes, that’s me being naive and visiting Latin America for the first time.

I leave you with a short collection of photographs that I’ve taken during 2019.