2019: women’s year

After the #metoo campaign from last year, it looks like women are getting more and more power and visibility in all areas, from politics to arts (and can we say, it was about time?).
There’s still a long way to go, but these are seeds to plant and grow, that encourage new generations of women who, hopefully, won’t be raised anymore like Disney princesses, but like fully functional human beings.

In this exciting wave, I’ve come to realise that – finally! – among my clients, I have a good bunch of extraordinary professional women, many of them award-winning photographers.

First of all, incredible  Dr Francesca La Morgia, brain and soul of Mother Tongues, with whom I’ve collaborated since 2017, creating – among other projects, the Mother Tongues Festival and the Language Explorers activity books.

magills photography
Courtesy of Magills Photography

But I’m very excited to be able to include not one, but four new photographers in my portfolio.

Rashida Keenan has just won Irish Professional Photographer Of The Year 2019 as well as Portrait Photographer Of The Year and I’m so honoured to be working with her!

Lauren McGee – owner of LIT Photography – is, like Rashida, a lovely soul from Northern Ireland. Her images are very powerful and just love them. After my first job for her she dropped me these flattering lines:

Elena, these are amazing! Thank you so much. For you to edit so close to my edit is amazing. Oh my goodness, I literally flicked through and the gallery is exporting for delivery already. This is incredible. Honestly, thank you so much. I’m so chuffed.

Leanne Magill is a superwoman, not only being an amazing wedding and newborn photographer, but also a mum of four kids. I’ve started collaborating with her a couple of months ago and I’m thrilled about it.

Too bad that one of my favourite wedding photographers, a client of mine from Italy, prefers not to be mentioned in this list. She produces masterpieces at every wedding. In fact, she is one of the award-winning Fearless Photographers of 2018!

Did you know that May is Photography month? I think working with all these talents is my best way to celebrate it!