The Language Explorers website is now live!

Language Explorers is Mother Tongues’ award-winning language awareness initiative for primary and secondary schools. Language Explorers activities are designed to raise awareness of linguistic diversity in the classroom and in the community and to promote an interest in language learning.

language explorers

As the creative person behind Mother Tongues, I had the pleasure to look after all the graphic aspects of the Language Explorers project, from the logo to the first edition of the Language Explorers activity book (find out more) and I’ve also recently created the website, launched in early February 2019.

This website is dedicated especially to primary and secondary schools teachers who want to lead a programme to raise awareness about the many languages spoken in our community nowadays. It will be updated with ideas of activities to be run in the classes and with news about the Language Explorers programme.

Language Explorers was one of the nine projects awarded the 2018 European Language Label Awards.

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