Language Explorers – an activity book for children (designed by me)

Another publication that makes me so, so proud! The children activity book Language Explorers, published by Mother Tongues, has been launched on 18th September 2018 at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin!

I had the pleasure to give birth to this amazing project under the direction of Dr Francesca La Morgia, the linguist behind Language Explorers and the whole Mother Tongues organisation.

language_explorersI designed the logo for it in March 2018, when the project was just an idea. Little I knew it would have become even a book and I had the honour to design it! Language Explorers was born as a series of workshops designed to promote an interest in languages from an early age and to raise awareness of linguistic diversity. Then, it became a Language Awareness Programme for primary schools and, finally, an activity book.
Dr La Morgia held a course for teachers on the Language Explorers programme, as part of the Irish Research Network in Childhood Bilingualism and Multilingualism September meeting, which was a success and met the interest of various teachers who daily deal with bilingual and multilingual children in their classrooms.

And finally, the Language Explorers book was launched in the awesome Chester Beatty Library at the presence of our favourite audience: children! The book presentation was followed by a workshop for kids based on some of the activities of the book and then a treasure hunt through the precious collection of the Museum.

The Language Explorers book is not available online ( and at the Chester Beatty gift shop. You can’t miss this!

Language Explorers at the Chester Beatty Library
Language Explorers at the Chester Beatty Library