Catching up after a long time

Back from holidays and back to holidays…hard freelance life!

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Aaaaaaaaaah! So long without posting or giving signs that I’m still alive and creating!

But it has been a long month, full of trips around Europe and I just loved it!
First there was London, an unsepected last minute adventure, very short but sooo good to be back there. It’s such a lively city, frantic too and I so miss that kind of atmosphere. What really impressed me this time, it’s how in London old and new can co-exhist side by side and just…match, in a beautiful way.

A few days later, the long waited flight to Azores…well, I have to say it was a disappointment. Because of the no-stop bad weather which impeded me to enjoy the supposed stricking nature and landscapes, I thought that visiting the small towns around the Island of Sao Miguel could have been the plan B. No. Villages with no architectonic or aesthetc whatsoever interest and, I have to say, creepy people in some areas, truly upseted me… but, still, I could enjoy some nice moments, like canoing in the Lagoa do Fogo, plunging in the 39°C hot springs and exploring a very ancient vulcanic cave. It goes without saying that, at least, I could deeply appreciate the delicious food, in every spot I popped in.

On the way back, there has been the gorgeous Lisbon. I’d visited the city two years ago and I’d just loved it, but this time I completely, deeply fell in love with the portugese capital. It’s just stolen my heart.

What happens when your fav band has its tour around Europe but doesn’t come to the country you live in? Well, you just buy the ticket for the most handy place to go and see them (possibly visiting a new place with the occasion)! So there’s why I had a long weekend in Cologne, last week, to listen to Depeche Mode live. Even though for the Bank holiday weekend, EVERYTHING was closed in the city, I could enjoy it!

No more trips planned for the year (not yet). Back to the hard work with exciting news coming soon.

Stay tuned!