Look no further for your perfect Christmas Gift!

Nowadays we all trust on our mobile devices for remembering every single thing: phone numbers, birthday, shopping lists, addresses… you name it.
Therefore, calendars become old fashioned piece of decor.
But, what’s better than an old fashioned piece of decor for art and design lovers?
You don’t need a calendar to make “rememberable” your dates, but to make unforgettable your wall!

Here is something you may want to give to your loved ones or, why not, to keep it for yourself: a beauiful calendar for 2017.
I’ve been living in Ireland for two and a half years now, so I’ve been taking some photos every now and then, cultivating and increasing my passion for the camera. So I thought: “Why don’t gather some of my favourites shots into a nice object, as it is a calendar?”
And here you go! 13 pages A4 calendar limited edition with the beautiful Irish nature pictured on it, for just 15 euro. You can order it by writing at info@elenacristofanon.com. Shipping is included for Ireland.

I’m thinking also to put together one calendar with some good European Street Art…what do you think? Leave your comment below!