Photoshoot for Canopi Sleeves, in association with Breast Cancer Ireland

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to be the photographer for an amazing campaign: Canopi – For real women, in association with Breast Cancer Ireland.
Canopi is the smartest fashion product out there. We are talking about attachable sleeves to wear underneath sleeveless dresses or shirts.
Designer and creator of Canopi Sandra Walsh used to own a fashion boutique and has seen so many clients avoiding to buy beautiful dresses just because they were sleeveless. That’s why she had this great idea of creating a comfortable  – in every sense – item for women to be “armed with confidence”.

Photographing those real women wearing Canopi sleeves has been great fun.
As the aim of the campaign was to show real women, obviously none of them was a professional model. So I had to find the best way to make them feeling comfortable standing in front of the camera, especially the ones who agreed to pose with few clothes on!
But I believe it was a great experience for all of us; awesome women’s cooperation!
I have to say that the inspiring autumn colors helped me to find brilliant spots in the garden where to take intimate photographies.

Not too bad to be my first 20-models-photoshoot! 😀


The campaign Canopi – For real women is going to be out soon… Stay tuned and check out their website! on

2 thoughts on “Photoshoot for Canopi Sleeves, in association with Breast Cancer Ireland

  1. Thank you Joan! I’m glad you like the photos!
    The sleeves are actually great, can’t wait to wear them tonight!! 😀

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