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I help photographers and small businesses make the most of their visual identity.

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Looking for a professional photo editor? Someone who can support with creative graphic design ideas? Or perhaps you’re thinking about publishing your very own website?
Well, you’re in the right place!
I’m Elena, an Italian-born creative based in Dublin. I live and work in Ireland but I am available to work with you, wherever you are, worldwide.

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Contatto is the search for that feeling of human connection. The sense of precarity, uncertainty and loss of physical contact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic drove this creative challenge. Artists who have roots in Ireland and beyond are the protagonists of this story, the story of Ireland’s creativity, a story that is not complete without these voices.

Isolation Portraits

One day, when the COVID nightmare began, I came across an Instagram story of a very talented photographer, Nadia Meli, who, inspired by an idea of a fellow photographer she loved, wanted to start a series of online portraits of both friends and strangers from around the world. And guess what? This idea was so inspiring and spoke to me so deeply that I decided to do the same, giving it my own personal twist!

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